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Hello and welcome to Photography By Dave.

We are based in Plymouth in Devon, UK and provide a full range of photographic services, on location, in the studio, at your workplace or in your home.

Christmas will soon be upon us, a family portrait makes a great gift, even if you were disappointed with the school photos, there is still time to get some great shots done.
We can come to you at your home so that everyone will be more relaxed in your normal surroundings, or we can meet at a favourite location, or even at a studio for the photoshoot experience

We can provide tuition and training for both photographers and models, we do not have any set courses, we help you reach your goals rather than spout a list of instructions at you.

Whether you want to learn how to use you new camera, or just get better photos from the camera, even though you know the instruction manual back to front, please get in touch to discuss your options.

If you are thinking of getting in to modelling we can offer hints and tips, as well as putting you in contact with people that can take you further when you are ready. Most people should look at it as a fun hobby that can bring in a part time hobby, there are a few people that can make a living from it, but not that many, you may not be that lucky.
We can help you build a portfolio at a very reasonable price, maybe even free, ask for details.

Please see our portfolio for the type of images we can produce.

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        Day 1 Traders
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    2016 Plymouth October
        Cosplay Competition
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        Day 2 The Traders

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